Apr 22

A Draplin Snow Day

Posted by aubrey condon in Events, People/Culture

March 14th was one for the record books. Two feet of snow fell in a matter of hours and 10 Red got its first ever official snow day from work. I was looking forward to a nice and cozy day in but my boyfriend had other plans for me. The one. The only. Big man himself. Aaron Draplin was in town. And we were NOT missing this.

Thanks 4-wheel drive & snow tires!

Aaron Draplin is a massive presence in the design world. Usually speaking at events of 3,000 plus, he found himself at Funk N’ Waffles in Armory Square where roughly 30 Syracusian designers gathered to hear his musings in a true State of Emergency. Draplin and his Pantone Orange 021 van braved the elements to spread his design tips, tricks and foul-mouthed tall tales on his country wide book tour.

In between shots of pure maple syrup from a squeeze bottle, Aaron flew through his design process, creating logos on the fly and impressing the small crowd with his huge personality and even bigger talent. The guy is unreal. Check out his newest project, “Draplin Design Co.: Pretty Much Everything” at http://www.draplin.com/ddc_book/

We were lucky enough to spend an entire day with this design giant and I didn’t regret dragging myself out of a snow day delirium to laugh & learn with our growing design community.