Oct 16

Cabbage Patch Kids

Posted by adm1n-red in People/Culture

Standing in the rain amidst a muddy, weed infested cabbage patch Saturday morning was the highlight of my week. As the wind whipped through the fields of the Matthew 25 Farm, the constant drizzle of rain and grey skies would appear to paint a picture of a miserable morning. But that was far from the truth.

Physically harvesting food with your bare hands that will help feed a struggling family is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience. Fellow 10 Redder, Chris May, & myself brought along our significant others to join a local youth group in a weekly volunteer trip to the Matthew 25 Farm. This fully functioning farm is a 100% volunteer run non-for-profit that is just a few miles up the road from our 10 Red office. It’s a wonderful organization that plants and harvests all kinds of produce to donate to local food pantries in Central New York. Dressed in our rain gear (or lack there of) we crouched in the dirt, pulling stubborn heads of cabbage from the ground with our quickly numbing hands. The work was demanding, but felt great. It was a truly well spent and beautiful morning that I can’t wait to partake in again. But I’ll be honest, the hot shower after was a close second.