May 12

Create Upstate 2017

Posted by Silas Pandori in Events

The 10Red team is growing and so is our passion for Central New York’s annual pilgrimage of creative professionals. It was with great pride that the team decided to attend this year and extend a Local Agency sponsorship. We paired the contribution with a great presence from our creative team, including Bart Goodell, Mike Vine, Lauren Rispoli, Aubrey Condon & myself: Silas Pandori.

In regular Upstate fashion the weather had fooled us again and we arrived in picturesque Ithaca, NY only find a bunch of hipsters holding umbrellas. Without avail, we headed indoors and settled in. The stage was set and the anticipation was high. Over the next several hours, the packed auditorium was treated to an all-star lineup of speakers. We heard from the likes of Gemma O’Brien, Cap Watkins, Catt Small & Tad Carpenter. Tad lived up to his role as headliner by getting the crowd going with his wit and amped up style. You could tell that his passion was unwavering and that he lived and breathed design.

On top of the rock star entertainment, we were delighted to see our brand sharing the stage with these icons of the design community. With this year’s line-up we can only imagine what next year will bring.