Jun 09


Posted by adm1n-red in People/Culture

Hello! I’m Julianna Leone, Rochester native, RIT grad, and the latest and greatest hire at 10Red. When I’m not helping the team study shopper behavior, design retail experiences and generally kick ass, there’s a good chance I’m baking cookies, playing with my cat, or online shopping. As a self-proclaimed professional shower singer, I enjoy country chords, acoustic melodies, and the occasional dirty beat.

I’m inspired by all things Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Dada and Tibetan. Some of my favorite designers include, but are not limited to: Paula Scher, Armin Hofmann & Lousie Fili and many, many more.

I try to bring my stellar sense of style, enthusiasm, and every now and again, baked goods to the office. However, when I’m not in the office, I’m often in downward dog, as I am currently pursuing my 200-hour yoga teacher training right here in Syracuse!

One of my favorite quotes is by British Army Lieutenant, Robert Baden-Powell:

“Leave it better than you found it.”

I find this quote applies directly to life in every way. So everyday, I strive to design better, think better, eat better, love better, and just be better.