Jul 28

Milk Money

Posted by aubrey condon in People/Culture

Inspiration struck while volunteering at a local food pantry in the city of Syracuse with my Mom 4 years ago. We discovered that although most food gets donated from local supermarkets, milk is never one of them due to the expense and rate of expiration. We started crunching numbers and realized that if we were to get 40 sponsors to donate $10 a month for a year, it would supply Assumption Pantry with a hefty delivery of milk each week to fill that void. Lovingly named “Milk Money,” this has become one of 10 Red’s favorite charities to support.

Every Tuesday, 52 weeks per year, Terri Condon delivers 40 gallons of milk in our parish’s utility van. A few anxious patrons wait each week for the arrival of the “Milk Lady” to help her carry in the goods and take their payment in milk. Such a simple staple in most households, on North Salina St. in Syracuse NY, it’s worth its weight in gold. And so is a smile from the “Milk Lady.”