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In partnership with our clients, we’ve developed a broad range of projects, becoming agents of the same team — our clients’ success, both individually and as an organization, is our success.

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To help Walmart shoppers discover new skincare products and solutions and drive growth for the brand, we established a set of strategic organizational, merchandising, and communication principles, informed by shopper insights.


Pain & Sleep

Today, there is a huge disconnect between the emotion that people feel as a result of their health issues, and the process of finding relief. The current shopping experience is complex & highly functional — conditioning shoppers’ habits with very little being done to help them find their best solutions. It is our focus to change this.


First Aid

No matter the time or place, when we get hurt, it disrupts our lives. Usually, it’s small – a nuisance that momentarily trips us up. Occasionally, it’s serious – jolting us immediately into action. Rarely, it’s a traumatic event, demanding emergency care. Regardless of its severity, getting hurt reminds us that we aren’t always in control…



It was time for Johnson & Johnson to take the lead and differentiate themselves, their company, and their brands. Retail was ready for a different way of looking at skincare, so we created a retail strategy that leveraged the strengths of Johnson & Johnson’s portfolio, expertise in these categories, and the potential of their skincare businesses.

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