the front

Adirondack Rainbow – The Front Panel – June 2021

We just updated The Front at our Genesee Street office for the month of June. Thanks to our Director, Design Implementation, Tanner Gjersvig, we now have ‘Adirondack Rainbow’ on display! Here is what Tanner has to say about his photograph:

“This photo is from my vacation last summer to Long Beach Island, NJ. We rented a house there and spent a week at the beach. On the morning that I shot this photo, I got up before sunrise. I planned enough time to get in position to take a few photos of the lighthouse at the end of the island with the sun rising behind it.

After I was done shooting the lighthouse, I wandered around looking for more scenes to capture. I always have my eyes/mind open and looking for photographic opportunities. The Adirondack chairs were outside of a small business that was just about to open for the day. I liked the range of colors and how they fit the beach vibe nicely.”