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Our thanks to Design Director Jon Cammarata for our latest front panel. Jon writes:

“Our family has been to Cape Cod five times, and it remains one of our favorite places to vacation. We love the variety of beach types, and beaches such as First Encounter, where the tide goes out seemingly forever and leaves nothing but shallow, sandy-bottomed tide pools that are just perfect for learning how to skimboard.

“Skimboarding is basically surfing, on a smaller board, in an inch or less of water. You throw the board ahead of you and have it skim across a thin sheet of water, then run and jump on, and ride as far as 30 feet or more. As your skills progress, you can add 180’s and 360’s by dragging a hand in the sand. If you’re really getting good, you can then apply your skills to a steeper sand beach with waves, with the intent of actually skimming into an oncoming wave, then turning into it, and then riding it back in to shore. I’ve been skimboarding since I was 16, having learned on a cheap plywood board on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I continue to skimboard anytime my feet touch sand and surf, and I’ve since upgraded to a bigger, nicer fiberglass and foam board.

“Two trips to the Cape ago, I bought my son Alex his own skimboard, and this panel shows him riding a nice skim at First Encounter Beach after days of honing his skills on these forgiving Cape Cod Bay beaches.”