Dec 07

This season, let’s celebrate Joy.

Posted by Bart Goodell in People/Culture

Happy holidays from 10Red! We know that this year, sharing joy is more important than ever – and so we’ve compiled some of the most joyful moments of 2020 from our own 10Red family. Click below to see some of our joyful moments and check back to view original creations from our employees that captures their joy from the past year.

Dec 13

Shine this year with 10Red!

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2019 has been magical, and we can’t wait to create even more amazing work together in the new year! We look forward to shining bright together in 2020!

Jul 12

Welcome Whitney!

Posted by adm1n-red in People/Culture

Hi I’m Whitney Hodge, originally from the Boston suburbs and spending the summer living in Syracuse, NY. I am a soon-to-be Junior at Syracuse University and currently 10Red’s greatest (and also first) intern of all time. When I’m not slaving over designing end caps and floor clings, I spend my time skateboarding, running and cooking with my roommates. One cool fact about me is that I have spatial sequence synesthesia which means I visualize time around my head like a map. On top of being a designer, I’m an artist with a love of painting, drawing and music, and although I’m no talented musician, I’d like to say what I lack in skill I make up in great taste.

I find inspiration in design of all kinds and am influenced everyday by brilliant artists and designers such as Paula Scher, Simon Jacquemus and Virgil Abloh. My mantra in life is that everything happens for a reason which isn’t meant to be fatal or pessimistic, I’ve just experienced some crazy uncanny coincidences in my life […]

Sep 26

We’re All About the Peppers

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The collective 10Red team donned their boots and trekked out to the pepper fields last week, its what we do here in Central New York when the leaves start to turn.

All in all, we picked about 23 pecks of beautiful ripe peppers from the Matthew25 Farm in nearby Tully, NY.  The farm had grown an entire field of Bell Peppers, Jalepeno Peppers, Banana Peppers and a few rogue Eggplants – Silas & Chris even chomped a few Habaneros along the way.  Aubrey coordinated our efforts […]

Jul 28

Milk Money

Posted by aubrey condon in People/Culture

Inspiration struck while volunteering at a local food pantry in the city of Syracuse with my Mom 4 years ago. We discovered that although most food gets donated from local supermarkets, milk is never one of them due to the expense and rate of expiration. We started crunching numbers and realized that if we were […]